Se7en, entertainment centered restaurant and lounge opening in Houston, TX. For Se7en Houston, a brand identity was developed to utilize for digital and print marketing campaigns created to attract future patrons and potential investors. Along with designing and creating initial brand guidelines for the restaurants, I facilitated vendor communication for window marketing installations, and created initial website design layout while working simultaneously with remote web developers to execute. 

Challenges faced throughout this project were selecting and creating supporting eye-catching imagery that adheres to brand guidelines, captures the entertainment aspect of the restaurant, and catches the viewers attention, while maintaining the sleek and modern feel needed to attract a higher end clientele, and large investors. Upon branding development and installation completion, through social media teaser graphics and videos Se7en was able to gain local patron interest and attract investors to provide funding for development.

Seven cover_2x.png
Concrete cover_2x.png

Concrete Perspective, A digital agency specializing in data driven ROI focused marketing. My client's goals were to elevate and re-fresh the existing logo, but ensure the identity would remain recognizable to his prior and existing client base.

Using the existing color palette at the client's request, I included tints for alternate color tints for variation to utilize on platforms that metallic tones are not accessible, and I re-freshed the typeface to a more legible san serif font paired with a new logo mark to elevate the branding.

Leisur Cover_2x.png

A European influenced online clothing brand consisting of active and lounge wear. Leisur Apparel’s vision was to create a minimalistic branding identity that correlates with the look and feel of the clothing.

Using the branding guidelines developed, I created social media canva templates for Leisur to utilize for online communications. In addition to  social media graphics, I created website layout, stationery, and apparel tag mockups for my client to display how the branding can be applied to supporting collateral.

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For this project, the client concepted an idea of the "Whispy W" to use as a the brand symbol. Although the "W" symbol was included within the lockup, the logo lacked cohesiveness, voice, and dimension.

I re-design the original design to include the client's request for the "W" symbol, but added subtle changes in combination with a "retro" inspired color palette to add dimension and contrast to appeal more to the intended target audience. In addition to re-designing the logo and expanding the branding, I created stationery assets for the client, designed social media ad graphics, and mockups to give my client suggestions on how the branding can further be applied.

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Hardy Distribution Center is a Class A mixed use office and warehouse space located within close proximity to George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 

From digital, to print, and environmental design with installation, we successfully rebranded Hardy Distribution Center by adding bold pops of color to in contrast with the navy primary color, and created a logo that conservatively represents the mosaic cool tone look and feel of the warehouse space.

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Female owned hair styling business looking to expand into e-commerce by providing hair distribution to her new and existing customers. The owner of Butterfly Tresses currently has a returning and loyal client base but is looking to develop her brand and business with a new

visual identity. 

Beginning with creating a brand identity to use as a starting point for the “Butterfly Tresses” concept, I developed a fun and feminine logo and color palette for my client to use while she begins her transition into e-commerce selling merchandize to her clients. Utilizing Instagram as an announcement platform to introduce her products and promote her business, I created social media templates and graphics to introduce her new brand identity to her following.